My Highs and Lows of 2019

With Christmas fast approaching, and 2020 not far behind, it’s the perfect time to reflect on 2019, a year that has had its highs and lows for me.

Like a rollercoaster, the beginning of the year started off with hope and positivity through my work and general life. I felt ready to take on the year head first and get myself more experience within Marketing, I had some great holidays booked to Europe which always gives you motivation to go to work… *wink wink* It was certainly shaping up to be a great year from start to finish. Of course, Summer came around and motivation was lost in my job, in my life and feeling rather helpless over my general health. This left me neglecting this blog, neglecting the people who actually have stood by me all the way and neglecting who I am as a person. And probably explains why I ended up very ill between October and November – amazing how stress & general illness can get to you.

I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and wondering where I was heading from a 27 year old to a 28 year old. It’s so easy to get scooped up into other people’s lives and think, why am I not where they are – moved out of the parental house, married with my soul mate, enjoying a vast amount of holidays, earning a reasonable salary based on my age & work experience? I am now ending the year taking on the mistakes I have made, the lessons I have learned and trying to fight my way back to where I was at the beginning of 2019. I’m ready for whatever 2020 throws at me and embrace a new version of me (with the addition of hearing aids!).

Aside from my self reflection & low points, there’s been some key memories from 2019 that has made this year a jolly good one…


Favourite theme park: There’s been a lot of theme parks I have stumbled into this year, both revisited and brand new for me. It’s been one hell of an adventure and I’d love to hope that 2020 will be in a similar vein – even if its one major trip abroad, I will be happy. So which theme park was my favourite from this year? It has to be Heide Park. The park is certainly one of the prettiest parks I have visited under the Merlin portfolio, a lot of beautiful scenery around and the lake gives some great views of a coaster horizon. Plus, there’s Colossos & Flug Der Damonen which were fab in my eyes. If you are heading to Hamburg, make sure to tag on a day trip or two to Heide Park.


Favourite rollercoaster: Well… I’ve gained well over 100 new creds this year, and a few have been some pretty solid coasters. So which one was my all time favourite? Zadra. It has to be Zadra for me. There is not a single ride I have ridden that compares to it. It was phenomenal to ride. The airtime wasn’t painful compared to Untamed. The sheer speed from start to finish was pretty damn impressive – and it maintained this throughout the day, even to the point it was incredibly fast. Anybody who is going to Energylandia in 2020 are in for a treat.


Favourite visitor attraction: Away from theme parks, I’m an avid traveller so I enjoy exploring an array of visitor attractions around the UK. From Moors Valley Country Park to Longleat Safari Park, I’ve explored some pretty cool places. I’m hoping to go exploring even more in 2020. So my favourite place to visit was Longleat for their Festival of Light event. It was a magical experience to see all the lanterns and explore the Safari Park – always a plus when you’ve get the chance to see Amur Tigers, Lions, Wolves & more.


Favourite memory: Meeting John Wardley will forever be my absolute favourite memory from this year. I fangirled a lot and it’s certainly something I can now tick off my lifetime bucket list – you know that list of celebrities that you would love to meet in your lifetime? It was a great chance to have a brief chat with him about his passion for rollercoasters, a truly humble and inspirational guy.


Favourite musical: Rock of Ages at Southampton was a true highlight for this year. I enjoy watching the film and listening to the soundtrack, so as soon as I saw this was heading to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, I immediately had to buy tickets. It had jokes & gags to get my laughing my head off, the actors & actresses singing ability were incredible and an all round good show to watch.

How has 2019 treated you? What has been your favourite memory from this year? Any new theme parks or rollercoasters you’ve ridden that’s been a tick of the bucket list?

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo



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