Monthly Favourites | October Edition

Okay, I’m aware that it’s now the 7th November and I’ve still not published my October favourites. I’ve been recovering from a cold/chest infection over the last week, as well as trying to hold myself together whilst preparing for Black Friday at work. It’s been a mental time for me and I now feel more human enough to write up this blog post.

Despite the end of October being busy with work, full of illness and getting the last trips of Halloween season in before the theme parks shut for winter, it was a pretty damn good month in my opinion. Might not be considered the best month of the year in my eyes (I’m a November baby so November trumps all, not even sorry!) but it’s 2nd best. Who doesn’t love the colour changes in the trees, pumpkins everywhere and so many scary events that you have too little time to fit everything in!

So let’s crack on with my favourites for October…

Halloween Events

This year was a quieter year when it came to scare events. I only ended up visiting Alton Towers Scarefest, Thorpe Park Fright Nights & Chessington’s Howl-o-Ween. Despite this, it is always a big highlight to fit in as many trips as I can to the Merlin attractions during October. I have the Merlin Membership Annual Pass so why not? I’ve been very impressed with the line-up from all parks this year, especially Creek Freak Massacre at Thorpe Park & Creepy Caves After Dark at Chessington – so much manhandling, interactions and chainsaws, it was great!

Creek Freak Massacre

Following on from my point above, I have to make a special mention to Creek Freak. I wrote a whole blog post about my thoughts on this maze as a whole. I will admit, I had my reservations about this maze as soon as it was announced, and to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t let anyone or anything overhype this for me. Boy oh boy, this maze is up there as my favourite scare maze of 2019 – or can I really say, in my entire lifetime so far? From being manhandled, molested & licked, it was a truly horrifying experience but so damn good. I look forward to seeing this return, better and stronger than ever before – I just hope it doesn’t follow the same path as Sub Species at Alton Towers, and becomes weaker as the years go by.

Halloween Candles by Regions Beyond

I remember buying this candle when I was visiting Walibi Holland in September, and spotted a discount code published by ScareTrack online, it was too good to resist. I love all things Cinnamon when it comes to candles so to discover that this very candle is scented to Apple & Cinnamon, I was in true heaven. The scent of this candle is insane and I’m half tempted to order in more as they are still in stock online. Priced at £10.99 per candle, you can’t really go wrong to be honest. You can buy Regions Beyond candles on their website here.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In true typical Lottie fashion, I was delving through Amazon Prime & Netflix at the beginning of October, trying to work out what spooky TV shows and films I wanted to watch, and next thing I knew, all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are viewable on Amazon Prime. I do seem to discover these old school gems without even realising they are online! So you can imagine what I’ve been binge-watching after work and in those spare moments at the weekends when I’ve not been visiting scare events. It’s like I have regressed to my 7 year old self who used to watch this every Friday night with my Dad.

Poland = Zadra

Finally, I’ve saved the best till last. I had no intention of visiting Poland this year, even after following the construction of Zadra. It blew over in April/May this year so I already admitted to myself that I’d probably make a trip out there to ride it in 2020. Next thing you know, they’re announcing the opening date for August 2019. Well, I just had to go, didn’t I? Poland is cheap to do so it was a no-brainer. Scrambled to get my annual leave booked in and I was off on a mini break to Poland to visit Energylandia and Legendia. It was so worth it, just for Zadra alone which might I add, is now my new number one coaster. RMC goodness at its finest. Plus, it was like visiting another world with the temperature reaching highs of 25 degrees and the weather gracing us with bright sunshine… in late October. It was possibly one of my favourite trips this year, and I cannot wait to start planning some more jaunts in 2020.

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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