Hogwarts In The Snow 2019 | Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter

It’s been about 4 years since I was last at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I must say, there’s been a lot of changes since my last visit! Every year I’ve always said to myself I will go during the winter season to see the Hogwarts in the Snow and each time, I’ve either left it too late or just never found a suitable time to go. Until now…

Winter does tend to mean hibernating inside the warmth of my own house with a nice cuppa tea and wearing cosy clothes because it is too cold to travel anywhere outside. This year, I’ve been more proactive in visiting some different winter/Christmas events and Hogwarts in the Snow was one thing to tick off my list.

I was in awe of the new areas (for me) including the Forbidden Forest & Gringotts. That’s the one thing that I love about this place, it takes your breath away at how grand all the sets are for the films. Not only that but everything is adorned with winter/Christmas effects, with the Great Hall dressed up like it was for the Yule ball in Goblet of Fire and being taught by the team on how Harry’s footprints were made in the snow when he was wearing the invisibility cloak in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Of course, the main event is seeing the model of Hogwarts Castle covered in a dusting of snow – all done by hand from members of the crew! Did you know it takes 4 DAYS for them to transform the castle into a snowy masterpiece? It looks absolutely stunning in person, even if I’ve seen so many photos of it online. A true highlight and a perfect end to the tour in my opinion – except maybe the gift shop with too many gifts I want to buy.

Thanks to Jared/James for taking some of the photos above.

I had a great time at the Studio Tour on Saturday, and with it being James’ first time visiting, it was also great to see his reaction to everything. I can’t explain how incredible the tour is, from all the animatronics to the photo opportunities around every corner. You need to allocate at least 3 hours to really explore the tour in depth, especially if you want to take part in the interactive elements like flying a broomstick through London! Hogwarts in the Snow runs till January 26th 2020 – tickets are selling fast so get in quick. You can find out more info and book tickets online on the official website.

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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