September Holiday Lowlights


So I may have written about my highlights to my September road trip last month, which you can readΒ here, and I don’t want to put a downer on what was a fab holiday, but I feel I need to write down my thoughts on the disappointments that I experienced during my trip. We visited some brilliant parks, some of which were new to me and have been sat on my list of MUST VISIT parks, but I was left feeling somewhat disappointed and wanting more from them. Just thinking about them is making me want to groan, so let’s crack on to my lowlights below:

Movie Park Germany

I didn’t have high expectations for this park but I thought I was going to have a decent day out here. Sadly, the weekend I visited the park it was also the Nickelodeon Slime Fest event which meant the Crazy Cops Stunt Show was not running – GUTTED! I don’t really understand how a park that should have some standout rides (except for Van Helsing’s Factory & maybe Star Trek to some extent), can have some truly bad rides. Yes, I’m talking about Bandit. It was SO bad and it’s been retracked – dear god, I dread to think how bad it was before. I’ve never done a woodie that makes you rattle out of your seat so much – this made the woodies in Blackpool seem smooth. The John Cleese dark ride was laughably bad and insanely rough. High Fall I’ll write about below. Aside from the general theming around the park looking great – with the added plus that they had some Halloween theming out too! – I was left feeling marginally disappointed and not really in any real rush to return unless a decent cred is built in the near future.


Spiteful SLC

MP Express at Movie Park Germany was CLOSED. Okay, this may be out of the park’s control but I have to include this in my lowlights. Anybody who is an avid cred counting enthusiast will know that being spited by a cred, especially during a road trip abroad can be extremely sad and annoying. And for me to be spited by an SLC of all things on my last day of my road trip, I didn’t know whether to feel relieved or annoyed at the whole situation. On the on hand, I was annoyed as it would have been nice to tick off all creds meaning I don’t need to jump at the next opportunity to return to Movie Park Germany. On the other hand, I was relieved as I have heard MP Express is one of the worst SLC’s out there – with the exception of Condor at Walibi Holland – but I suppose this gives me a reason to visit the park for their Halloween event. Let’s just hope I don’t get spited next time!


A park that was bland. A park with bland rides, except maybe Fury. A park that just felt odd and uneventful. That is the best way for me to describe Bobbejaanland. I spent a total of 4 hours here, and that was to tick off the +8 creds and experience some of the attractions around the park including Indiana River – it’s an Intamin flume so just expect you WILL get wet. I don’t really have much to say about this park, there’s a pretty lake in the middle of the park and the new Land of Legends look pretty damn sweet theming wise. Other than that, it’s a pretty basic park that reminds me of a creation I would make in RCT – if I had to rank the parks in order of my favourites, this would be at the bottom.


High Fall, Movie Park Germany

Before I begin, I want to say that as I’m writing this (Saturday 21st September), my arse/tailbone is still sore from this monstrosity of a ride. I had people tell me that this wasn’t a nice drop tower, and I bloody hate the things anyway, so why did I do this?! I give drop towers I haven’t done before a one time go so I can experience them for myself. BIG REGRET. High Fall shouldn’t exist, at all. For a stand-up style drop tower, this hurts. The force as you lift from your seat during the descent before you slam back into the hard plastic seat from the late brakes really makes you question how it is still running. Whilst you get some fab views of Movie Park Germany and surrounding areas, I don’t think this was worth it – if you are visiting, don’t do it.

Loud school children

I know I have a low tolerance for children at the best of times, but why do school children on the continent feel the need to SHOUT to all their friends everywhere they go. I’ve experienced school groups here in the UK, and they are not as loud. I understand that kids are super excited to go to theme parks for their school trips – believe me, I loved the end of school year theme park trips I did! – but kids don’t need to shout across a ride station when their friends are literally feet away from them. It annoyed me slightly when I wanted to enjoy listening to the music of Fenix’s station and couldn’t with the station being filled with kids from all directions. Maybe I’ m just destined not to like kids at all ha!

These are only the main lowlights as all in all, the holiday was fantastic and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, not all holidays are perfect and sometimes your expectations get soured due to park availability or painful rides, or SPITE. Sometimes you gotta let the bad things pass and focus on all the positives.

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo



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