June Road Trip – Best New Coasters

June Road Trip Best New Coasters

You may not have realised on here as I had quite a short hiatus during the summer period but I went over to Germany in June to explore a couple of new parks as well as visit some old favourites. It was a fun trip to say the least as it provided some incredible views across the German Bavaria area – I cannot get over how gorgeous Germany is as a country. These road trips that I plan are one of the reasons I love travelling as you really get a chance to explore more than just the theme parks – I have major wanderlust! I wanted to reflect on some of the best new coasters that I got to experience on this trip along with some of my old favourites that I couldn’t wait to re-ride.


In a weird way, I really enjoyed this coaster at Bayern Park – the park itself was a surprise anyway in terms of how beautiful the surroundings were. There were lots of unique and gorgeous German details that you don’t tend to get with the mainstream parks in the UK, for obvious reasons. Not only was this coaster my 350th cred, I enjoyed this ride even if it is the biggest coaster at the whole park. This Maurer X-Car Flying Launch coaster provides some great elements of hangtime and a fairly punchy launch. Okay, the X-Car designs aren’t the most comfortable or easiest to get into but despite all that, this is by far the best coaster on park!


What, one of the best coasters I did was at a Legoland? Yep, this is by far my favourite of the Dragon coasters I have ridden (out of Windsor, Billund & Deutschland). Being a Zierer coaster, I was skeptical over how good this ride would be but what ticked the box for me was that fun little drop before the lift hill after the indoor dark ride section. I’ve never seen a POV of this ride so of course, I didn’t expect the unexpected which then took you into the fun coaster ride you can see from the park. If you are heading off to a Legoland park abroad, make sure to visit Legoland Deutschland and experience this coaster for yourself.


Okay, you could say I am cheating by saying that this is a new coaster since the layout is exactly the same but the experience is completely different, and I am living for this new style. I was nervous when it was announced this was getting a Can-Can retheme but I wasn’t disappointed, quite like how the Mack’s like to surprise us all. I love the homage to the original EuroSat coaster around the queueline, and the original theme in the lifthill music – this left me with a huge smile on my face. It may be a complete retrack but it’s still the same fun coaster that we all remember and love, minus the crazy brakes at the end – BRAAAAAAAAAKES!

Honourable mentions need to go to some of my old favourites that I was super excited to get back on including:

DSC05094Blue Fire @ Europa Park

IMG_9367Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park

IMG_9548Karacho @ Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

DSC05083Wodan @ Europa Park

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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