Monthly Favourites – August Edition

So… hey there again! It’s been a long 4 months since I last wrote a blog post on here. And yes, that’s incredibly bad of me and I should be more motivated – in all fairness, I completely lost touch with writing content and other stuff has been going on behind the scenes so here I am, writing a blog post again! Yay!

Where on earth is this year going? It’s September already and we’re now entering my favourite time of year – hello Halloween, my birthday and Christmas! I cannot wait, and I’m even more excited that I am off to Germany/Netherlands/Belgium NEXT WEEK! A week of theme parks is just what I need right now, and hopefully I will reach my 400 milestone on my coaster count – wonder what will take that spot? Anyway, since August has literally flown by, I thought I would reflect on my August favourites!


I will say this now, I’ve never been to Carter’s Steam Fair before! Always seen it advertised and yet never made an attempt to visit and I’m so glad I did. I visited on Saturday 31st August and was really impressed with how quaint and cute the funfair is. A collection of rides run via steam engines was so cool to see (especially if you are into the engineering behind that!). I tried my first ever ‘Whip’ ride and boy, that was a laugh as well as the Chairswing which was fairly nippy for a small ride. Best part was seeing the place lit up at night – perfect for photos!



If anyone knows me, I literally live in my Converse style shoes (not actual Converse cause I don’t have that much money to buy a pair *cries*) so when I made a short trip to Primark and saw these, I NEEDED them! They are basically Vans style trainers but with a cute red Disney print – perfect for me to wear with my leggings or add a casual look to some of my dresses I have. Even though I have worn these once, I am sure these are going to be well loved over the next few months!


This is possibly the best highlight of August for me. Coinciding with Nemesis’ 25th anniversary year and National Rollercoaster Day, John Wardley did a series of meet-and-greets on 16/17/18th August – and since I’m a theme park enthusiast, this is one of those bucket list moments I had to complete. I fangirled quite a bit when queuing up to meet him but he was so humble and down-to-earth, it made the whole experience worthwhile. I can now die happy knowing I can tick this off my bucket list!


Despite taking a break from the Merlin parks during my weekends, I did make some time to go and grab a couple of new creds in the Birmingham area – no shame in riding a Wacky Worm or SBF Visa coaster with a bunch of families around. Since I am aiming to hit my 400 milestone on my cred count this year, it is fitting for me to try and grab as many creds as I can before my holiday next week. πŸ˜‰

Short and sweet when it comes to favourites but I’m sure September is set to become a good month with a lot of potential favourites to come. August was good but I think we’re coming into the best time of year, right? Give me those Autumn vibes please!

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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