The many faces of rollercoaster riders


I don’t quite know why this idea came into my head – simply from compiling an email for work then I decided this would be a good blog post to write up! – but it got me thinking about those moment where you people watch when queuing up for a coaster. Even as a theme park enthusiast, you can’t deny that you will have at one point in your life, made one of these faces on any coaster – be it as a child or as an adult.

Facial expressions of on-ride photos say a lot about how good or bad a rollercoaster is but sometimes, it’s oh so fun to just have a laugh and make whatever stupid face you like. Life is too short to be serious, unless that is the look you are going for. So, let’s delve into some of the many faces that are pulled from a wide variety of rollercoaster riders.



Whilst there are different variations of smiles, this is probably the most recognised face you will see. You might find this one on a variety of coaster types including B&M, Intamin, Mack, maybe a Gerstlauer – I said maybe! The bigger the smile, I find the enjoyment levels of a certain ride will give you a good indicator as to how good that ride is – B&M’s make me very happy so of course, I will make the biggest smile I can. SAY CHEESE!



Are people: Sticking their tongue out? Cross-eyed? Pulling their mouth in weird directions? What can I say, there’s many different ways people will pull funny faces and certainly one I like to partake in when I’m feeling silly – especially if it’s a fun kiddie cred because it is always a pleasure to show up the parents who look at you as if to say ‘You’re a frigging adult without a child, why are you even doing this ride?!’ Who cares, if I want to be a big kid and get myself a +1, whilst pulling a funny face to the camera, then I shall do that!



Possibly my favourite face I love to see, especially when it comes to kids! You can’t help but feel giddy inside when that sheer terror of rides on a kid’s face is completely wiped away into a big fat smile of laughter. Laughter is contagious as you say, you can’t help but share this joy with everyone around you. Sometimes this face can turn into a real cackle, especially on kiddie creds and attractions that have you howling with laughter!



I may not have experienced this personally, but you know that moment when you’re on a ride – more often a flat ride – and there’s that person you can’t help but have a little look at. You see the fear in their eyes. They’re not too sure what to expect. Then the ride begins to spin and they start to have that sense of regret. Before long they’re looking a little green and you’re starting to think, ‘Shit, I do not want them to vom on me!’ You know that moment? Whilst it is amusing (sorry, not sorry!), you won’t be having the last laugh if they vom – GROSS!



If you have ever been on a Zamperla Volare… my sincere condolences! If you haven’t been on a Zamperla Volare… don’t do it to yourself! That pain facial expression is going to show why you should always question your life choice to get that +1 on a Volare coaster. Of course, riding coasters in the rain or experiencing a painful flat ride will also make you want to scrunch your face up and show that on-ride photo just how much pain and regret is being inflicted on yourself. Try to smile? Don’t try to fake it and make a ride photo seem like you are enjoying yourself – if it’s painful, SHOW IT ON YOUR FACE!



Last but not least, Mr or Mrs Serious face. You know, that person who either has the most perfect poker face of all time or they just simply refuse to smile whilst on rides. I sometimes wonder why you would want to pull a serious face, what ever happened to just posing or making silly faces so you can have a laugh with it all. Why would you even go to a theme park just, so you can be serious – you can do that at your 9 to 5 job! Only time I would be serious if a ride was dull or boring or I agreed with my pals to pull a serious face for an on-ride photo.

So next time you’re at a theme park, take a little moment to just people watch and see what faces people are pulling. There’s so many facial expressions that people make that you can’t help but chuckle to yourself. Maybe you can relate to them at one point? What’s your favourite rollercoaster/theme park face you like to pull?

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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