What’s in my bag: Theme Park Edition


When it comes to visiting a theme park, we would all love to have Mary Poppins style pockets that can hold everything we could ever need to take to a theme park. Imagine never having to bag faff ever again?? One can only dream! I like to think I am pretty savvy when it comes to packing my theme park bag, however I always try to bring stuff that I know I will need – even though we can’t predict what will happen on the day.

When it comes to Autumn/Winter time, I generally try to shove as much as I can in my Superdry jacket pockets which can make my coat bulge out in all sorts of places – not a good look imo. One pro of a Superdry coat though, zipped pockets so you can try to avoid taking a bag, if you can! However, during the Spring/Summer months when it feels tropical (I’m thinking of the Summer heatwave in the UK last year!) or if I’m visiting a park abroad and the weather is too warm for a coat, a bag is a necessity. So here’s a little break down of what I include in my ‘theme park bag’.

1. Park Tickets/Annual Pass(es)

Basically, I will try to save money where I can so pre-booking tickets can be extremely helpful. Not only to avoid the long queues at the park but it can be a great way to feel prepared for any trip – especially if parks have a wristband system like Blackpool Pleasure Beach. There might be times I’ll invest in an annual pass for those long trips abroad where you can get the benefit of saving lots of money with a variety of parks. I have a Merlin Annual Pass that practically lives in my bag.

2. My phone

Not only for my social media blogging updates but it can be a great tool for those long wait time in queues. Download a bunch of games and time will quickly turn to nothing – next thing you know, you’ll be ready to embark on your ride. Plus my phone is perfect for taking those much needed photos – especially with how advanced smartphones have become – the perfect partner in crime.

3. Purse/Card Holder

I think this is self-explanatory. I don’t own a purse purely because they can be really bulky so a card holder is a fantastic alternative. I barely carry cash with me but if I need to, I also have a small coin purse with me. Kill two birds with one stone by using a coin purse to carry your cash and cards together! There is nothing worse than having to lug a big purse with you with all your loyalty cards that you don’t need –  debit/credit card, Driving License & Annual Passes/Tickets are all you really need for a theme park trip.

4. Sunglasses

Even when it’s Autumn/Winter, it is always handy to have some sunnies with you. You never know when the sun will make an appearance, regardless of the season. Believe me, last thing you want is to spend the entire day squinting at the sun. It is also worth keeping a glasses case handy for anyone who like me, need glasses to see. Whilst I wear contact lenses where I can, it can be handy to keep my glasses with me just in case.


Ever had those moments where a headache appears out of nowhere and you end up wishing you had some meds with you? It’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality because even us well seasoned coaster enthusiast can suffer from those post-ride headaches.

6. Clear Plastic Bag

If you are going on a water ride, chances are your main bag isn’t going to be 100% waterproof – if it is, well done on finding a super practical theme park bag! It doesn’t hurt to have a couple of these shoved in your bag for those moments where you want to protect your valuables including mobile phones! Hint: the plastic bags you keep your liquids in for any flights abroad are perfect.

7. Deodorant/Body Mist

Depending on what I have to hand, I will make sure to take a deodorant or body mist spray with me. I hate sweating – especially on a hot day – and always conscious of smelling like B.O. so a quick spritz will make me feel confident I can walk about the park without any worry on me smelling disgusting.

8. Portable Charger & Phone Lead

I don’t think I could last a whole day at a theme park without one of these. I own two Anker portable chargers and they are honestly, the BEST thing you can own. I take a lot of pictures on my phone – and the occasional Instagram post! – which can drain my battery quickly so having a portable charger helps me to feel confident I won’t have that 10% phone battery panic.


These are my go-to items that I can’t leave the house without before heading on my theme park trip. Of course, there are certain I take with me when it’s a wet day and vice versa, on a hot day but I always try to have as little as possible with me – no one wants a heavy bag for a long day of theme parking.

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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