ATTRACTION REVIEW: Haunted House Monster Party

Haunted House Monster Party is now officially open at Legoland Windsor for the 2019 season! You are invited by Lord Vampyre to his Monster Party where he will literally turn the whole house UPSIDE DOWN. I travelled up to Legoland Windsor on Saturday 12th April to experience the new attraction for myself, and I must say, based on first impressions, I was impressed.

I will admit that I hadn’t really followed the construction of this ride but when I found out it was going to be a Vekoma Madhouse, I knew this was something to keep on my radar. If any of you have experienced Hex at Alton Towers, you are going to enjoy Haunted House Monster Party. There’s even a few Hex style Easter Eggs inside the attraction that certainly make my ‘theme park enthusiast’ self internally scream with joy.

Normally I take my annual trip to Legoland Windsor in the summer months but knowing this was opening in April, I knew I couldn’t wait and had to experience this for myself. Living about an hour or so away from the park, it would be stupid not to make an earlier visit – even if the weather was very up and down all day! Spoilers ahead from this point on…

At first glance, the actual façade of the building looks very impressive – depending on what angle you are standing at. You can’t miss the massive black warehouse at the rear which houses the ride system itself, but the park has tried to add some ‘colour’ by painting spooky drawings on to the exterior. For me, it would have been nice to have the warehouse hidden by the impressive exterior, but they’ve done a good job with what they have!

The cattlepen queue line might look horrific but there are some great interactive elements to keep your children entertained – even a photo opportunity too! Once you have been batched into groups, one for each side of the ride, you wait in anticipation for the main doors to open. There’s even a creaky door sound effect to make it feel like the house you are entering is old and haunted – spooooooky!

As you step inside there’s an impressive portrait of Lord Vampyre and Spider Lady and a few character portraits as you descend into the main pre-show area – some very clever tricks are done with UV lighting to make those ordinary portraits extraordinary. Based on the many kids’ reactions, I think they were in awe of the whole thing! For those with disabled guests, there is a lift system that will take you up to the pre-show area.

Once inside the pre-show area, my favourite part was the disco balls lighting up the room – it’s almost time to boogie! All the guests (or snacks as Lord Vampyre likes to call us!) are waiting in anticipation for the main banqueting hall. Firstly, we had the be greeted by Lord Vampyre as he explains why he loves to party and how he has a fang-tastic potion that will make the whole house turn upside down. Plenty of lighting effects were used in this scene that really help to immerse yourself into the experience, I couldn’t wait for the main attraction!

Then it was time to step inside the ride. The main banquet table was filled with lego style food and drink, a grand fireplace at one side, a massive clock on the other and benches either side as you take your seat. Unlike Hex, each seat is separated for each guest – assuming this is a new style safety system Vekoma has built for the ride. This certainly helped people to know how many people could be seated per section. As I took my seat, I was in awe at the decoration inside – yes, I spotted some similarities to Hex!

Now, the main attraction was… on first impression, I had to take a moment to take it all in. The music was fantastic and so catchy – so much so, I still had it in my head all day. Lord Vampyre being a DJ with a school disco set up, oh my god, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at how utterly amazing and unexpected that was. As an adult, I bloody loved it all. This style of ride doesn’t affect me but if you do suffer from motion sickness, then this might not be the best ride for you! However, I think it is worth it, just for the music itself. So fab!

You can tell as you exit the ride, the faces on all the kids is enough to show that Legoland are on to a winner with this attraction. So many kids were smiling and laughing, the parents were also joining in! The atmosphere is just perfect – for a Haunted House themed attraction, this provides that upbeat feel without kids feeling too intimidated or scared. It’s perfect and Legoland have done a good job!

It would be pretty damn cool if Legoland released a lego set so you can create this Haunted House exterior with all the characters. And maaaaaybe a pin badge too for us pin badge collectors? Subtle hint Legoland! I am very tempted to return just so I can re-ride this attraction and listen to the amazing soundtrack! Overall, this is the perfect staple attraction for families visiting the park this year – don’t miss out!

That’s all for now!

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