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With all the upcoming news about the new area, Tornado Springs, coming to Paultons Park in 2020 – which I am eagerly waiting for might I add! – I couldn’t help but put the spotlight on my local park. If you are not aware, Paultons Park is based in Ower, near Southampton and is possibly, one of my favourite parks to visit. Might be slightly biased as I have pretty much grown up with the park!

There is so much to do at Paultons that you would be a fool to not give this fantastic theme park a visit, especially if you are venturing down to the south coast in the future. Given all the talks about the new 2020 area development, who isn’t talking about Paultons Park?! I thought I would help out anyone who is potentially doing some trip planning and might want to add this park to your must-visit list.



Well, the most recent development at the park, Lost Kingdom, is certainly reason enough in itself to warrant you visiting this amazing park. The theming within this area just shows how much Paultons loves to immerse their visitors. Let’s not forget the ride line-up within this area, including the 2 Vekoma rollercoasters, Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor. They are such fantastic rides for both thrillseekers and families with young children. Not only that, you have a small range of flat rides within the area to keep your kids amused – it really is one of those parts of the park that you cannot miss.



Within the heart of Paultons Park is the beautifully stunning gardens area. The perfect place to enjoy that quite moment where you need take a breather from all the action that is happening at either side of the park. Whilst it a tranquil area, there is also the opportunity to meet some amazing birds including owls, flamingos and more. It might not be on par with the gardens at Alton Towers, you just cannot beat the fact that this park houses a lot of beauty within – definitely something to explore when you next visit Paultons Park.



Possibly the investment that really put Paultons Park on the map – quite literally. If you have young children, you are going to be spending a very good chunk of your day within this area, and to be honest, there is plenty of rides and attractions in this area. There is even a chance to meet Peppa and her family too! Whilst it might get incredibly busy and not really aimed at the thrillseekers, it can really break up the day to just enjoy the theming and maybe be act like a big kid on all the rides – no shame here!



Paultons Park has really turned into the park to watch. I remember the days where the park was pretty plain but had quirky features including the best mascot, Percy the Owl. ‘It’s a Hoot Hoot!’ will always stay with me but I have loved seeing how Paultons has evolved. Theming has become such a huge part of their development strategy and I’m looking the care and attention to detail. You can tell the park really care about what they have to offer, and we can now get even more excited for 2020. Tornado Springs is really going to bring the crowds in, especially with the signs of a new coaster and flat rides! Going to be spending a good chunk of my time this year following construction updates.



Now, whenever I have visited Paultons, even back in the 90s, I have never seen any of the rides – that I was aware of – break down or seen the whole park being in such a state i.e. overflowing rubbish bins etc. The gardens and surrounding park areas are always well kept and looking fresh and tidy. The rides are always well maintained. I just find the park to always ensure they have a full ride line-up whenever they are open, or at least, ensure ride reliability is as good as it could be. I can assure you that you won’t have a bad day out at Paultons Park – whilst I’m not saying it’s perfect, it’s certainly up there as one of the parks where I have never had a bad visit!

And there you have it. If you are thinking about making a trip to the park but still unsure, just do it. You won’t regret it at all, trust me! If you aren’t thinking about a trip here, why not? Wait for 2020 by all means but if you’re sat there thinking, ‘It’s a kids park’, ‘It doesn’t have any thrilling rides!’, all I can say is, you can have way more fun here than at a bigger, more thrilling theme park. Just saying!

That’s all for now!

Lottie xoxo


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