Month: June 2018

Favourite Log Flumes

In light of Tiger Rock opening at Chessington a few weeks ago, I thought I’d write about my all-time favourite log flumes (that I have ridden so far). I am not as well travelled as other enthusiasts but I’m sure I’ve been on enough to make a small list of favourites, both current and past…

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Not Dogs at Chessington | Review

Source #MeatyWithoutTheMeat Recently opened at Chessington World of Adventures is their brand new food outlet, Not Dogs, formerly Mexican Cantina in Mexicana. I went to visit Chessington on Saturday to try out this new outlet and I have to say, I was very impressed with the food! ‘Not Dogs was created by Katie and Jane;…

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Surviving School Trip Season

It is pretty much upon us. That dreaded time of the year where ‘off peak’ weekdays for a couple of months no longer exists. Welcome to ‘School Trip Season’. If possible, I try to avoid School Trip Season where I can because, in all honesty, it is hell. For a 20-something like myself, I relish…

the swarm Thorpe park hot weather

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