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shutterstock_53838664.jpgIn my spare time, I love visiting the theatre and watching musicals. It provides a great evening out for the whole family, with the girls or as a date night for couples (thankfully, I have a boyfriend who enjoys musicals as much as I do!) It isn’t just the show that I love, the soundtrack, the way the stage is set up, the effects and how great the cast are on stage.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I know everything that you need to know about musicals but I’m certainly learning more about the industry. Learning about how much hard work goes into producing a show, the work the cast and crew do each and every night and just how amazing these shows are!


wickedWicked is my all time favourite musical. Some people will say it is overhyped, and to some extent it probably is but I remember falling in love with it when I first went to see it back in 2007. Seeing Kerry Ellis as Elphaba was phenomenal and from then on, I can’t get enough of it. I try and see it as much as I can but going to the theatre can be very costly.


thephantomoftheoperaYou cannot deny the haunting story of the Phantom of the Opera. One of the most iconic musicals you’ll hear about in the musical theatre world. You can understand why it is so popular, the staging, the costumes, the music… Andrew Lloyd Webber has created a masterpiece.


dreamgirlsIf you love watching the film that features Beyoncé, go and see the musical! The show is so much better, seeing it live with that soundtrack… I was blown away. The first time I saw the show, I didn’t see Amber Riley, but honestly, if you hadn’t known you had an understudy, you would have thought she was just as good. Karen Mav was outstanding!


lesmiserablesLondon’s longest running musical and still sells out! Even though the storyline is dark and ‘depressing’, you can’t deny the soundtrack is catchy. The staging is clever and the sheer power in the songs is enough to get emotions rising in the audience.


kinkybootsThis was certainly a surprise for me in my eyes. I went in seeing the show ‘blind’ so I didn’t know what to expect of the songs or staging. I was blown away by it. Matt Henry will always be my ‘Lola’. His unique voice is enough to send chills down my spine singing ‘Hold Me in Your Heart’. Definitely make a trip to see this, you won’t be disappointed.


aladdinOf course I had to include a Disney musical into this line-up. As much as I enjoy watching Lion King, Aladdin is on another level. It’s so bright and colourful, the music is catchy and fun, the cast are fantastic and that stage… wow! Let me not forget Genie, who literally makes the show what it is. Perfect for the whole family!

These are just a few I enjoy watching currently however there are past shows that I do miss since their departure from the West End. This includes Mrs Henderson Presents, Bend it like Beckham the Musical and We Will Rock You. I’d see these shows again if they were still running. All had fantastic soundtracks and were fab to watch. Bring them back!

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  1. I love musicals and love live theatre.

    Love Les Mis, Rent, Newsies, Wicked, Sound of Music, Pippin, Music Man, Annie, Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia- those are musicals I love that I remember seeing live.

    Also love South Pacific and Beauty and the Beast.

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