February Favourites

FebruaryFavouritesWhere on earth did February go? Despite the fact that I spent most of it trying to get over this viral infection that’s been going around, it has felt like this month has been and gone. January dragged on for god knows how long and February is just a blur. It means that with the end of the month in sight, time to write down my favourites for the month.


Water Bottle from Matalan

Purchased from Matalan, I was inspired to get this by a couple of girls at my work. These water bottles with the times on has been life changing for me. I used to be one for buying lots of drinks at work – Ribena, Oasis, you name it, I bought it. I love having squash to quench my thirst but I did find that it never really suppressed my hunger that well. Having now purchased this water bottle, I now drink more water than I have done before and I’m hoping it is the start of a health kick for me – I need to be healthier with my diet and exercise.


The Fault in our Stars by John Green

I failed at trying to read a whole book in January, but I have succeeded this month. Okay, this isn’t a new book for me as I have read it before but I could not resist a favourite of mine. This book makes me laugh and cry – just like the film did. Honestly, if you have not read this book, I would highly recommend it.


Blankets from Primark

Primark blankets are the softest ever! I have three which might sound really extravagant butΒ my blankets have been my saviours for this month. They are incredibly soft and I just love getting snug after the end of a long day at work. Now that the weather is bloody freezing at the moment, can it just go away? Least I still have a good excuse to keep using my blankets.


Netflix = F.R.I.E.N.D.S on repeat

Since I’ve spent most of the month recovering from my illness, I have spent a lot of time just watching FRIENDS on Netflix. I haven’t done much this month at all, my productivity levels have been low and that has led to my motivation being just as low. Besides, who can resist watching one of the best shows ever, rewatching Joey’s “How you doin’?” and Ross’ wise lessons in “Unagi”. If you don’t know what I am on about, go on Netflix and watch FRIENDS – do it now!

That’s all for now!



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