A Theme Park Girl’s Guide to: Dating Non-Geeks


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (tomorrow to be exact) and us girls know that sometimes we want to spend it with that special someone. However, us theme park gals want to find a partner who will at least tolerate our amazing hobby, theme parks. Sometimes they can be hard to find or we find we are dating a guy (or girl) who just isn’t into theme parks.

So what do you do? Give them all the insight and knowledge and make sure they become as geeky as you, or do you have think about finding someone else who will at least make some sort of effort. Never fear ladies, read this guide to help you out when your partner is a non-geek.

Suggest theme park trips

Day trips to theme parks is our way of life, so it is only reasonable that we would suggest such a trip to our dates, partners etc. Of course, if they are not what we would call “geeks” then we have to make a lot of effort to encourage them to join us. It can be hard as every body is different and will have their own idea of a day out. Never fear, just flutter your eyelashes and scream “please”.

Encourage them to read up on theme park news

There’s a vast array of websites where you can keep up to date with the latest news on the theme park industry. Not only that, there are loads of groups on Facebook to join! So there is no excuse not to learn more, and get that non-geeky partner of yours to do it too. Spend a night in just reading about what’s happening, they may learn a lot. Just takes a bit of encouragement, and they will do it. Bribe them if you have to, with whatever their weakness is, chocolate, booze, sex… whatever it takes.

Teach them the lingo

Obviously, your non-geeky partner isn’t going to be apt when it comes to the lingo. And I mean the difference between each element of a rollercoaster, the different manufacturers, different theme parks, the list goes on. Remember to teach them the basics because the last thing you want is for them to make a fool of themselves in front of other geeks. You need to make sure they can engage with other geeks without blurting out something irrelevant, or in some cases, just damn wrong!

Compromise with holidays

We all know that relationships take time and compromise. Their idea of a holiday may not consist entirely of visiting theme parks, no matter how much you try to tell them that it’s the perfect trip ever! So why not offer a compromise by saying “We’ll go to Germany and visit a few parks, and you can choose the destination of the next holiday that won’t consist entirely of theme parks.” Flutter those eyelashes if you want and make sure they know that they’ll soon discover how awesome theme parks abroad really are.

Watch theme park videos together

POVs. Vlogs. Info Vids. You name it and someone probably has created a video that includes theme parks about it. Planning a night in with a takeaway? Don’t put Netflix on, get YouTube up and start watching some theme park vids. Got a holiday coming up? Show your non-geeky partner what rides they are going to come across or how the park is going to look. Give them something to look forward to. Of course, don’t spoil it too much and you’ll lose some of magic and surprise when visiting.

Plan a theme park cred run

This one is a given if you have got a weekend or day together and want to go out. Check out where the nearest creds are and go ahead and visit them. Your partner may not be willing to go on to the kiddie creds with you, but you can build them up slowly. Show them how you keep count and they may like to join you. Make it a competition if you have to – friendly competition is good right? *wink wink*

You gotta want to make them understand that being a theme park geek is a way of life and they should make an effort to join you on this. A relationship isn’t going to work if you want to go to theme parks all the time and they want to do their own thing because “theme parks aren’t cool.” If they say that then you need to get out, NOW!

You can make it work… if you tried your absolute hardest to get them to become a theme park geek or you have all the patience in the world and can live with their non-geekiness. It is all about how much you love them (with the added perk of them being a theme park geek!)

Here’s to the next episode, A Theme Park Girl’s Guide to: Theme Park Opening Days. Available next month!

See you then thrillseekers!



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