January Favourites 2018

JanuaryFavouritesI have seen lots of these ‘Favourite’ posts but as YouTube videos by my favourite YouTubers (check out my blog post here). So I was inspired to do this each month for my blog, a small selection of items that are my favourites for the month. It is 2018 so it is always a time when everyone has a refresh, starts the New Year with fresh items and new favourites.

IMG_1695Apple Watch Series 3
I was gifted this last year by some very generous friends of mine. I used to have a FitBit but I lost a lot of motivation with my fitness, and since it was great having an interactive watch on my wrist, I do want to start boosting my fitness again. The Apple Watch is great as it is able to help me monitor my heart rate, my activity levels (you can set these: Movement Levels, Exercise Length in minutes, Standing Levels in Hours), the standard notifications on my iPhone 8 Plus (Text Messages, Messenger, Snapchat, Reminders etc.) The only thing that is annoying is the fact that the battery only lasts up to 3 days at a time so charging it regularly is a pain in the arse. Before anyone asks, I do not have the Apple Watch that includes Cellular – my friends are generous but not that generous ha!

IMG_1692Olay Anti-Wrinkle 2 in 1 Cream
Okay, I know I am 26 years old and might be a bit strange having an anti-wrinkle cream on this list. Believe me, I feel slightly weird having this as part of my beauty regime. Honestly, I don’t really like the lines I’ve got on my forehead or around my eyes when I smile. I want to start looking after the skin on my face more, both for keeping myself looking young but also to keep it soft. I have certainly seen a difference on my face and will be carrying on using this as part of my skincare routine before bed.

IMG_1685Blogging Essentials: Macbook Pro, Blog Planner by DotCreates
Now that I have gotten more serious about blogging, buying a MacBook Pro and this blog planner from Dot Creates were the best things I have purchased. I can plan out my posts and write down ideas of what I want to achieve for the year. It is also like a diary where I am able to write down my social media stats for each work, and see which posts were the best for the week and month. I spend most of my evenings blogging and it’s the best hobby I have to make this theme park closed season go by quickly.

IMG_2015Coconut Lane: Mobile Phone Case & MacBook Skin
I only knew about this brand by one of the YouTubers I follow: Sophie Louise – definitely check out her YouTube, she’s funny and creates fab videos! Seeing that she mentioned Coconut Lane who create laptop and phone accessories, I knew I had to check them out. I fell in love with this marble and pink design so I had to buy the phone case and matching laptop skin for my MacBook Pro. I do still need to purchase an actual case so I can take my MacBook Pro around with me but I’m in love with these so far.

IMG_1699Sports Bra from Primark
A question I have been asking myself for the month is: ‘Why have I not worn sports bras before?’ They are SO comfy to wear. As much as I love wearing my standard push up bras, these sports bras are perfect for when I am lounging around at home or if I’m popping up to the shops. And of course, they are great for doing my exercises at home. They give my ‘girls’ support when I’m running or doing my warm ups. Primark may be cheap but some of the stuff is good quality! Definitely go down to Primark and check out their fitness range – especially the range by Alice Liveing.

That’s all for now.


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