Disney Tsum Tsum Collection


Disney Tsum Tsum’s are a funny thing aren’t they? When they were first announced in 2013, I didn’t quite understand the craze and what exactly they were. They looked weird and not like your standard soft toys – and I do love soft toys! So what is the main idea behind them?

‘Tsum Tsum’ apparently comes from the Japanese ‘Tsumu Tsumu’ which means ‘to stack’. So essentially the idea is to stack your Tsum Tsum’s on top of each other till you make a pyramid. Sounds simple enough right? I certainly think so. I decided I wanted to join the craze, so what do I go and do…?

IMG_1167My really bad attempt at stacking them!

Since I really fancied getting a Disney advent calendar for 2017 and saw Disney released two types, Tsum Tsum and Animator’s collection, I went straight ahead and purchased the Tsum Tsum advent calendar. It was a tad pricey, not gonna lie – ยฃ59.99… Eeeek!

However when you think about it, you’d be getting 25 Tsum Tsum’s out of it so it’s definitely worth the money. All Christmas themed might I add. I was very excited to see what I would get each day, like the big kid that I am! It was a real mood booster each morning before work!

I have now got a small collection of Tsum Tsum’s and I definitely want to add to this – much to my Mum’s dismay. I’m not quite sure if they are smaller than your standard Tsum Tsum’s, I’d have to purchase one and let you know (or if you are reading this and do know, feel free to tell me!)

So effectively they are a nice little collector’s piece for any Disney fan. Yes, they look a bit weird but in a ‘weird’ way, excuse the repeated word, they are cute. At least I certainly think so. Here’s to me building my collection of Tsum Tsum’s, not like I need more soft toys to keep in my room – I do!

Have any of you got a collection of Tsum Tsum’s? – send me pictures via my social media channels, I would love to see them.

That’s all for now!



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