A Theme Park Girl’s Guide To: Ride Closures

TPGGLogoDISCLAIMER: This is a lighthearted blog post, not to be taken seriously.

If you haven’t recently heard the news at the weekend about the Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach being removed, where have you been? When a classic ride at a park has been removed, it can be a struggle to deal with. You might be feeling Angry, Upset, Disappointed, Shocked or Betrayed.

Whatever your feelings, sometimes you need to find a way to deal with the many emotions that comes from the removal of your favourite attraction at a park. Follow this short guide below, hopefully it will help you to overcome the betrayal.

RIP Wild Mouse!

shockAny news about a ride’s closure can be hard to process. When rides are due to be demolished or are demolished just like that, how can you even begin to describe that feeling of shock. Your first thoughts will be ‘I’m never going to be riding this ride again’ or ‘I’ve got limited time to ride it!’ Let out your feelings and process the news before the anger sets in.

AngerIf you are feeling angry or bitter about the closure of your favourite rollercoaster or ride (and trust me who wouldn’t be), it can be hard to hide your frustrations. You might want to scream and shout, ‘BOYCOTT THE PARKS’, flip tables and chairs. Just don’t be too violent towards your friends and family when they don’t understand your anger – rollercoasters are sentimental items to us theme park geeks!

BetrayalFollowing in close suit to Anger, you’ll feel the betrayal. The knife that cuts deep into your heart, worse than a relationship falling apart. It hurts so much when a theme park betrays you whilst they remove your favourite ride (or letting it become SBNO – Standing But Not Operating). That hurts more, I mean, SBNO… It will be there whenever you visit but you can’t ride it. It hurts deep in the heart and soul of your own existence. You start questioning your relationship with the theme park, wondering “WHY?! WHY TAKE AWAY WHAT I MOST LOVED ABOUT YOU!” Take a few deep breathes , it will get better – at least, most of the time it will.

SadnessAfter screaming and shouting, those tears are going to come (if you really felt so strongly about the ride, you’d be crying your eyes out!) Take yourself to a quiet place so you can let those tears flow. Crying cleanses the soul as some wise person once said, somewhere or somewhen. Whatever, the point is, just let your emotions out. You need time to cry about the fact a rollercoaster isn’t going to be a part of your life anymore. Especially when a ride was such a classic ride!

HopeOnce you’ve got past the different stages of your emotions, you can start to forgive the theme park industry for removing your favourite ride. I mean, you won’t forgive them completely because, let’s face it, you were betrayed. Forgive but never forget, that’s a good motto to follow! BUT this forgiveness can lead to hope. Maybe a ‘Memorial Garden’ can be made to mourn this loss. Or a future development might become your new favourite – just don’t forget the classics that you love cause, rollercoasters have feelings, right? Or maybe they don’t… *wonders where this is going*

Ride closures are a big deal and a major part of being a theme park geek. Losing a rollercoaster or attraction is in the similar vein to losing an item of clothing, losing a nail, losing your purse – it’s a MAJOR incident! Seriously, if you do not understand this loss, who even are you? Trust me, it does get easier, like it does when splitting up with a guy (or girl, whatever takes your fancy). It takes time but the same emotions will occur and you need to be ready to deal with a major change coming your way.

You are strong and you will overcome this loss. Don’t ever forget your old favourites, they will always live on in your heart (and on blogs, YouTube, theme park fan-sites, books and so on and so forth).

Here’s to the next episode,ย A Theme Park Girl’s Guide to: Dating Non-Geeks. Available next month!

See you then thrillseekers!



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