2018 Goals

shutterstock_578451259I thought I would add a more generalised ‘lifestyle’ goals blog post. I don’t want to use the term New Years Resolution as I’ll more than likely won’t achieve it or give up with it. I try to be realistic with my goals, knowing that they are achievable, it’s just the case of, can they be done in a year?

So let’s get on with my goals for 2018…

goal1I’m going to condense these all into one little paragraph. Basically, it’s good to have social media goals. Now that my blog has got a starting point and I wish to expand it, I want to expand my social media channels. I want to better myself in these areas, and having little milestones will help me massively. I’m grateful for the support I have had so far, here’s to what the next 12 months will bring!

goal2Is this possible? It sounds like a lot but I have given myself a challenge of writing 2 blog posts a week – one theme park related and one lifestyle related. One thing I have learnt is that I love to write for my blog. I wish I had kept blogging since university, but time changes you and I hope to make my blog a success in the future. Who knows what this year will bring?

goal3I probably do say this every year but I was lazy last year. I lost all motivation in myself and with that, my confidence was knocked and I ended up loathing myself and how I look. I want to start doing my daily walks again, get myself fit with a 30 min walk each day. Not only did it help with my mood, but it was great for toning up my body.

goal4The traveller bug in me was sad last year that I didn’t have the chance to go abroad. So this year, I would like to get myself back to Germany again – yes, to visit theme parks but even if it is just for a weekend, it will be more than enough for me!

goal5After achieving my goal last year of getting a job in Marketing, I want to take my career to the next level. Basically, I want to find that next stepping stone that will help me reach to the top of the career ladder (Social Media or Marketing Manager). It is definitely achievable this year, I just need to be patient and hope that my hard work pays off.

goal6You may be wondering why I have chosen 12? One for each month. I love reading, and last year I only managed to read a total of 4 books. I used to have a kindle but then that aggravated my eyes, and I don’t think anything can beat having a physical book. I spend a lot of time watching Netflix or being on my phone in the evening, which I know is bad for you just before bed! If I can dedicate an hour or two to read a book before bed, it will boost my imagination and could be great inspiration for my blog.

goal7I’m 26 and have little savings, terrible I know. I spend money like no tomorrow, especially when I don’t have it. Just your typical materialistic female who likes to have everything? I’d like to hope that I will get better with my finances and start saving for my future. I want to be in the process of moving out in the next couple of years and moving forward in my life.

That’s all for now!

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