What I got for Christmas 2017

img_1455.jpgIt’s cold. It snowed briefly and I had to get myself out of bed early for the first time in 5 days yesterday. It was a short break for Christmas but well needed. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break (or are still enjoying it!) and ate copious amount of food and drank lots of wine.

Every year, I never expect much for Christmas yet each year I always get spoiled by my family. A huge thank you to anyone who went out and brought me a gift this year, I appreciate everything gifted to me and hope you enjoy seeing some of my lovely gifts.

IMG_1505Now that Pandora UK have released their Disney collection, it is the perfect gift for someone like me who is obsessed with Disney. I started my bracelet for my birthday last month so my parents got me two Disney charms for Christmas, the Minnie Mouse head charm and the Sparkling Mickey Mouse and Hearts charm. I also received a Pandora gift voucher from my brother – perfect for choosing a charm for my bracelet.

img_1508.jpgI was also lucky enough to get this gorgeous princess tiara ring from my boyfriend. I absolutely love it!

IMG_1511Yes, yes, yes! I got a Paddington Bear for Christmas. I love getting cuddly toys, and it’s made even better when my boyfriend knows me inside out on what I’d love for Christmas!

IMG_1523As an avid collector of pin badges, it’s the perfect gift for myself. My close friend, James bought me the Disney pins and the Phantasialand pin badge where as my boyfriend, Jared, bought me the Alton Towers 2017 Winter pin badge. I may have got him the same… great minds think alike ey?

IMG_1513The one thing you cannot beat getting at Christmas, fluffy socks. I also received normal everyday socks too because I needed some – all my other ones gained holes in them in the last month!

img_1514.jpgI want to get my hair cut in the New Year – truth be told, last time I had my hair cut was February when I decided to chop off my long hair! It’s very much in need of a trim and layering. Plus I’m thinking of getting some blonde highlights so this helps to treat myself in January.

IMG_1515This was a real surprise. My parents got me a milkshake set, including a glass jar, swirly straw, milkshake sachet and all sorts of sweet treats to put in your milkshake. Love it!

img_1519.jpgThese were necessities my parents knew I’d be stocking up on in the New Year.

IMG_1517Since I’m a Disney lover, it was very fitting to get this calendar. I’ve had the Thomas Kinkade Disney calendar for the last couple of years and I absolutely adore the artwork.

IMG_1520I always said I was going to purchase an electronic toothbrush but now there’s no need, and it’s pink!

IMG_1522It wouldn’t be Christmas without some chocolates to munch on – as you can see I’ve already started on the Celebrations. Nom!

IMG_1526As always from my Nan, need a bit of extra cash.

img_1528.jpgFrom my boyfriend’s parents, they got me this lovely gift set from Jack Wills which includes socks and two body butters. Looking forward to trying them out!

Hope you all have a fabulous New Year!

That’s all for now.

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